Monday, August 10, 2009

global English and language change

I just came across blog by Macmillan's Dictionary which describes itself below.

This blog discusses global English, neologisms and language change. We explore a wide range of topics related to English today – slang, etymology, new words to improve your English and common errors in English – as well as posting a weekly review of language and words in the news.

We are interested in English as a living language and how it is spoken around the world by the international community of English speakers. We welcome contributions from guest authors and comments from readers.

A fascinating place to browse...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Favourite words

I asked my family the other day what their favourite words were. Which ones of the words below do you know?

My youngest liked the words rhythm and harrowing. He liked rhythm because the spelling is so complicated! My eldest said she has always liked the word gumption. My middle child came up with heaps of words eg. quintessential, spurious and pragmatic. My husband said he likes auspicious, while I opted for serendipity.

Is it the sound or the meaning that we like about words? Or is it just that we like to feel clever using new words, or words that we think are difficult? What are your favourite words?