Thursday, July 2, 2009

Trendy vocab

Slang is obviously one example of trendy vocab. Slang changes over time and is often specific to a particular place as well. My teenagers say 'My bad' when they make a mistake for instance. They use 'sick' or 'mean' for something that is really good. 'That was a sick performance.' Five years ago they were more likely to say something was 'wicked' or 'awesome' to mean really good.

But other words come in and out of vogue as well. Often these relate to the area that you work in. At the moment one of the buzz words in language learning is 'literacy'. In educational technology there is a lot of talk about m-learning (mobile learning).

I found a site on trendy vocabulary called Word Spy - and NONE of the words/phrases had I heard before. But I liked these two...

adj. Preoccupied by reading or sending text messages, particularly while driving a car.
intexticating pp.
intextication n.

Wikipedia kid
n. A student who has poor research skills and lacks the ability to think critically.

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