Monday, September 7, 2009


I decided that I really should get my head round Twitter and at least understand how it works. Discovered that this entails learning new vocabulary!

  • tweet - this is a posting on twitter - like a blog posting
  • twitter search - can look for trends, which is the word for common themes on tweets
  • hashtag - a way of connecting tweets - working with other people (like at a conference) and choosing a keyword with a # at the beginning to allow you to find tweets round the same topic eg. #ALANZ
  • RT at the front of someone else's name means you are quoting them = retweet, OH means overheard where you don't want to give the reference
  • if you start a tweet with @someone's twitter name - then it will be reply to that person. But if you put @someone else's twitter name anywhere else in your tweet then everyone will see it
And I really must acknowledge CommonCraft and the way that they present things so simply so that even I can understand! Also found Twitter FAQ useful for clarifying some of the above.

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